During a recent trip to Mexico City, my colleague and I traveled to the outskirts of the city to make a film about one woman's difficult daily commute in and out of the city limits. In the early morning hours we rose and began our own long journey from the comfort of our hotel and familiar surroundings, to where our subject lives.

After two hours on the paved roads, we drove onto rutted, dirt roads. In the early morning dark, we could not have felt more conspicuous. Two young white guys in a pretty swanky taxi, with several thousand dollars worth of equipment in our bags were not a typical sight in this part of the world—or at least this part of Mexico City.

Another 45 minutes of bumpy road and I was all too happy I had skipped breakfast, and at last we found Martita and her home.

Martita is one of those rare people you meet every once in a while, who smiles all of the time. She emanates warmth, and hospitality at all times. After the first awkward greetings, we paid our driver (quite a lot more than we expected) and Martita showed us around her home. We began filming, and so our long morning of shooting was underway.

I'll leave the rest of the story to the video above. I think it says it all, and sums up our morning—and Martita's every morning—quite well.