The People of Ahmedabad

After a long absence from my site, I'm happy to share my latest film project and some photos from the trip to Ahmedabad, India.

During my first visit to the city (this was my second) I was so impressed by the city and the people I met, I was thrilled to be heading back. Not only did this trip prove to be just as interesting as the last, but this time I really got a sense of how warm and wonderful the people in Ahmedabad are. That warmth comes through in the video and these photos.

If you get the opportunity, go.

The video features three vignettes that help to demonstrate the broad variety of work WRI does. I developed this concept, managed preproduction, wrote the script, shot and directed this film. It was edited by a very talented editor in Washington, D.C. named Andrew Bouvé. Music by Paul O'Brien.