I plan to shoot more weddings this year. I don't advertise so it's all word of mouth. One bride tells another, or friends tell friends "I know a guy who shoots weddings." With that in mind, I thought I'd post a bit about my approach. Most people expect the same thing from their wedding photographer. There's a shot list that starts off something like this: we need a shot of this uncle, that grandmother, the center pieces (that the bride and her sister spent hours agonizing over), oh! and the kids at the wedding, the ring bearer, etc. There is no shortage of photographers who are more than happy get those shots, and then take a formulaic approach to capturing the rest of the event. But a wedding is too organic for that. Sure, there's a definitive beginning, middle and end, but there are so many fleeting moments that make their day unique. Those moments—those photographs—are often the couple's favorite(s).

The day is fleeting. I want the images to be timeless.